I just made an appointment. What should I bring?
Glad you’re coming in! Be sure to bring your pet. Yes - that has happened.

If it is your first time coming to The Village Vet – any past medical records you have would be really helpful in understanding your pet's medical and vaccination history. That said, if you don’t have any it’s OK, we’ll figure it out.

If you’re bringing in a puppy or kitten for the first time we will need a stool sample.

If you’re coming in for your annual exam or if your pet is experiencing GI problems such as diarrhea – A stool sample is appreciated then too.

How long is the appointment?
All of our appointments are scheduled for a ½ hour. There are times when it may go a little longer depending on what your pet needs, but we try our hardest to get you and your pet in and out and happy within that ½ hour.

LA traffic can be insane – what if I’m late?
We understand that LA traffic can be horrendous. Since all appointments are booked on every ½ hour we ask that all clients arrive no later than 15 minutes past their appointment time. If you are unable to arrive within the 10 minute window we will need to reschedule the appointment.

Why do I need an annual exam?
To provide the highest quality of medical care we ask to see patients annually. Additionally, to prescribe on-going medication the DEA and Board of Veterinary Medicine require an annual exam takes place.

Do you offer Care Credit?
Yes! Care Credit is a fantastic credit service that allows you long term interest relief. Care Credit can be used for yourself too – Including dentists and other medical services. Our front staff will be happy to guide you through the application process, or learn more here.

Do you take Pet Insurance?
We sure do! We honor all of them as it’s basically a “you pay us and they pay you” scenario. The usual procedure is you sign up for a provider and then every time you come in, you give the front staff your signed claim form. Once our Doctor(s) fill out the claim forms, we then will fax them over to your provider of choice with an invoice of that day’s charges.

If I set up a surgery or anesthetic dental for my pet – what is the usual procedure?

The procedure consists of:

  • The night before the surgery, make sure your pet has no food after 11pm
  • Make sure you take the water away on the morning of the surgery (no food the night before – no food/no water the morning of)
  • Drop your pet off between 7am and 8am the day of surgery
  • The Doctor will contact you post procedure to go over the details of that day's surgery as well as the follow up care that is required
  • Pick up your pet between 4pm and 6pm

At The Village Vet we limit the number of surgeries we do each day so that we can give your pet the best one on one care possible.

Surgery Policy:
In order to secure surgery time The Village Vet requires a $75.00 prepayment to set a surgery date which will be used towards you final bill.

Why, you ask? Due to our growing client base there is a high demand for surgeries and we want to make sure everyone is accommodated. This policy ensures that we know the surgery is set to go making it so the doctors and staff can efficiently navigate the day.

We totally understand that everyone has scheduling changes so as long as we get a 24 hour notice – we will quickly refund your $75.00 That way you get your money back and we are able to accommodate another client. Everyone wins!

Unfortunately – if you do not cancel within 24 hours we will not be able to refund the prepayment. We thank you in advance for abiding by this policy as it helps us keep our clients, staff and patients on schedule – and happy!

My pet can sometimes be aggressive and really scared around other animals. What should I do?
No problem – just give us a ring when you are in the parking lot and we’ll make sure that the lobby is clear so we can usher you and your pet directly into a room. That way, you can feel comfortable your pet is safe and sound before the Doctor arrives.

Do you board and/or groom animals?
We do not board, but we have many recommendations for place that do. We only offer grooming to patients with medical conditions that require grooming treatments (i.e. dermatitis, advanced stages of ringworm, etc). Please feel free to call the front desk and they'd be happy to provide you a number of options for non-medical grooming and boarding establishments.

Do you offer health certificates?
Obtaining a health certificate can be a timely process depending on where you are traveling or relocating to. Our Doctors are trained to guide you through this process from beginning to end. When scheduling an appointment please be aware that both international and domestic health certificates need to be done within 10 days of your travel date.

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